About company

Welcome to homepage of the company SURMAT s.r.o. Let us introduce purely Czech company, that work with a tradition on the scrap and metallurgical market. This company is basicallyconsisting oftwo Czech companies and together create strong and stable company offering scrap and metallurgical materials. One of the subject is company Sběrnésuroviny UH, s.r.o. that was established in 2000. This company is focusing on complete waste management and recycling. From the beginning they offer buying, taking and transporting of the recyclable materials which they sort, cut or press and transmit for next material usage. This company got a prize for best collection yard of yards located in town bigger than 10 thousand inhabitants in the Czech Republic.

Second subject is PAVEL ŘIČICA – metallurgical trading company that since 1992 do a complex metallurgical material supply. During their activity it becomes a stable subject that works on Czech and Slovak market. All materials that are offered comes from best quality producers of aluminium and steel products in the Europe.

Company SURMAT, s.r.o. continues in activities of above mentioned companies and becomes a supplier of metallurgical materials for machine, building and automotive industry. We are also able to buy a scrap from our partners in the end of the production process. This allow us to offer complete service to all partners at the beginning and also in the end of the production process, when our partner can sell this material back to us.

Our priority is satisfaction of every customer, we always provide high service and support within our partner’s business making. We focus on details, flexibility and solidity.

If you are still searching a partner for your business, you have just found him. SURMAT, s.r.o. that your partner for reliable business.


We are looking forward to a partnership!